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Andy is the LLC manager of LaVallee’s Bakery Distributors. His entire working life has been involved in the bakery industry. Prior to founding LaVallee’s in 1977, Andy started his career as a 14-year-old teenager, working and learning every phase of the bakery trade at their current longest-standing bakery supplier, Quinzani’s Bakery at Harrison Avenue in Boston under the tutelage of Albert Quinzani.

Andy and his wife Barbara have been married for 40 years, and are also partners at LaVallee’s. They have two children: their son Jeff is a 1999 graduate of Lehigh University Business School and is currently a partner and vice president of operations at LaVallee’s; their daughter Nicole is a 2002 graduate of Dean College and is currently a partner and vice president of sales and marketing at LaVallee’s.

Andy is a 1972 graduate of Charlestown High School, attended Mass Bay Community College, and was a member of the national small community college championship baseball team in 1973. His continuing passion to grow professionally and to build a business has been based around being a prolific reader of many business books and seeking knowledge and information from master bakers in the industry such as Jean-Marc Etienne of Montreal.

Andy has always been a builder of relationships, but his main responsibility at LaVallee’s, as the LLC manager, is to manage each one of the departments. His managing philosophy is very simple – be a servant leader, show respect and dignity to all people, coach, teach, train and encourage his team to go to their highest level. This concept showed its true fruits of labor when their longest standing customer, Joe Nocera of The Chateau family, asked Andy to introduce them to the Massachusetts Restaurant Hall of Fame in 2006. LaVallee’s was the first vendor in the history of the Hall of Fame to introduce a customer as a recipient.

On March 17, 2010, Andy was the keynote speaker of SBANE (Small Business Association of New England) on faith-based management and servant leadership. (

Recently, due to the overwhelming success and growth of the LaVallee’s Servant Leader concept, Andy has been a guest professor at Catholic University of America Business and Ethics School of Management. The M.S.B.A. program curriculum is founded on the Catholic principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, and human dignity.

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Andy LaVallee