Sean Kavanagh

The Ariel Group

Sean Kavanagh has been with The Ariel Group since 1999 when he joined the company as Director of Business Development. He was named CEO in January 2003, and his marketing and leadership influence has created double-digit growth. He was instrumental in winning a publishing contract from Gotham Books and contributed to the writing of the book Leadership Presence: Dramatic Techniques to Reach Out, Motivate, and Inspire.

Sean lives at the intersection of business and the performing arts both as leader of Ariel and as a speaker and facilitator. He combines his business knowledge and performing experience in delivering storytelling workshops where he talks about the integration of the skills of the actor/performer with the expertise of leaders in business and non-profits.

Sean started his career working with a multi-national advertising agency in Brussels while also performing with the American Theater Company. His professional career since then includes working in publishing and software marketing while always keeping close ties to the theater. In the 1980’s he was part of a two-person comedy troupe and more recently has revived his stand-up routine in the Boston area.

Sean is a member of The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and on the board of The Association of Learning Providers (ISA). Sean has three children and lives in Concord, MA, is a teen mentor and theater director for the youth of his church, and enjoys cycling, skiing and camping as well as the occasional performance with the local community theater. He holds a BA in Psychology from Merrimack College.

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Sean Kavanagh