Tim Hebert

logo-atrionPresident & CEO
Atrion Networking Corporation

What do you do when you’ve dreamed of becoming a superhero your entire life? You become the Chief Executive Officer of a fast-paced organization. And that’s exactly what Tim Hebert, did. As the CEO of Atrion, he fights for truth, justice and the Atrion Way. There is more to Tim than meets the eye. He is a visionary, a forward-thinker and an authentic leader who believes anything is possible. Since joining the company in 1989, Tim strives to “light fire in the minds” of those around him. He sees potential in everyone and has a knack for fusing people’s talents with passion and purpose.

Tim believes that there is more to business than simply “turning a profit” and that every business should be driven by purpose. He has infused Atrion with its core purpose of “Having a Positive Impact” which has created a dynamic culture. Tim continues to break the mold when it comes to creating ideas that help make Atrion what it is today, a leading edge technology company. An influential role model, community leader, speaker and author, he has been featured in countless publications from CRN to Processor Magazine.
He also serves on the advisory councils for many corporations including Cisco Systems, BlueCoat, and Nimsoft. Tim is President and Chairman of the Board of Tech Collective, is on the Board of Directors of the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation and Thielsch Engineering, a Member of the Rhode Island Commodores and the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council. He devotes his time and energy to supporting the Rhode Island STEM center and STEM initiatives across the state. Tim is a mentor for young students in the Rhode Island’s Year-Up program. He serves on 1nService’s Strategic Committee, a consortium of 30 specialized information technology companies across North America.

Tim thrives on life’s adventures and experiences. From running the Incan Trail in the Peruvian Andes to trekking to Machu Picchu to scuba diving with the sharks or motorcycling around the back roads of New England, Tim continually pushes himself. When he’s not training for a marathon or reaching his next goal, he enjoys quiet moments at home in Rhode Island with his wife, Kim, and their children and grandchildren.

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Tim Hebert